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Ticket Status FAQ

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about our Ticket Status.
For more information, please browse through our FAQs page.

There are five values for status:
Open means that we have received your request but that it has not been reviewed yet.
Pending means that follow-up questions are waiting to be answered.
On-hold means that your request is awaiting a response from a third party.
Solved means that your request has been resolved.
Closed means that the ticket has been closed and can't be reopened.

If you need to provide us with additional information and / or reply you can do so by clicking the "add reply" button.

We only accept one attachment per ticket / request. So if you did not provide an attachment when creating your ticket, you can add one by clicking on the "Add reply" button. If you really need to send us several attachments, we will suggest a solution.


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