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In order to serve you better and speed up the resolution of your WordPress support requests, we use a ticketing system.Each support request receives a unique ticket number which is used to track its progress and to facilitate interaction with the agent in charge.

How to submit a WP Support Ticket?


Detail your Request

Please be prepared to describe your support request as precisely as possible and provide relevant details and links. A screenshot can also be a useful way to illustrate your request, so provide a screenshot whenever possible. Details matters.


Create a Support Ticket

Please do not list multiple requests within the same ticket. We suggest that you open a separate support ticket for each request. If you need immediate help, choose "critical" priority, and you'll hear from us shortly during business days.


We review your Request

A support agent will review and assess your support request and contact you if additional information is required. We’ll get back to you with a quote. You can choose to accept it either as a fixed quote or as an estimate.


Purchase Prepaid Support Credits

Sign in or create your account to buy support credits. For more information on how to create an account, please see our FAQ.


We get the job done

Once you have paid for your problem to be solved, or your task to be fulfilled, it will be completed within the timeframe stipulated.


Rate your overall satisfaction

Once your request has been achieved, you will be asked to rate your experience working with us.

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WordPress Support

Online Support Center dedicated to WordPress troubleshooting, modifications and customisations.

WordPress Maintenance

Once a WordPress website is built and launched, it needs to be maintained to ensure it stays secure and up to date.

Website Redesign

Today, you don't just need a website... you need a fast website, designed first for mobiles, to provide a better User eXperience.

Below are just a few of many things we can help you with.

If you don’t see your WordPress issue, just ask we can help!

  • 500 Internal Server Error, 502 Bad Gateway Error, 503 Service Unavailable Error, 504 Gateway Timeout Error, …
  • 403 Forbidden Error, 404 Page Not Found Error, 413 Request Entity Too large Error, 429 Too Many Requests Error, …
  • WordPress White Screen of Death (WSOD), Error establishing a database connection, Mixed Content Error in WordPress, Secure Connection Error,…
  • Failed Auto Upgrade, Connection Timed Out Error, Maintenance Mode Following Upgrade, Syntax Error, Locked Out of WordPress Admin, …
  • Email Issues, You make changes and nothing happens, Pretty permalinks 404 and images not loading
  • Troubleshooting plugins, Plugin conflicts, Install a new plugin, …
  • Troubleshooting themes, Theme bugs, Install a new theme, …
  • Add a new form, Add a new product to your ecommerce site,…
  • Move from an outdated or no longer supported WordPress theme to a new one
  • Theme / Page Changes, Updates / Upgrades
  • Move your WordPress site to a new server,…

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