Why does your website need a redesign?

Today, even more than yesterday, you do not just need a website… you need a fast website, designed first for mobiles, to provide a positive User eXperience for anyone interested in your content.

The main reasons ... that lead to a website redesign

Synthesis elements of the top demands

Your website is not fast

If your website isn’t loading very quickly, you might be losing potential customers and your SEO could be suffering for the same reason.

Your website is not responsive

Your website may look stunning on a large monitor, but it doesn't function properly on mobile devices.

Your website is difficult to use

Ease of navigation is arguably the most important aspect of usability.

Your website does not allow easy implementation of extra features

Adding new functionalities to your website shouldn't be difficult

Your website has a poor User eXperience

No new content, outdated information, lack of consistency in layout, broken links, …

Your website is outdated in regard to new design trends

The technical design of websites evolves rapidly, and with it the users' needs.

Your website is not well ranked in search engines

Search engines have standards and rules that websites must follow.

Your website does not accurately reflect your brand

Your website's branding is not consistent with other marketing channels.

Your website does not integrate with external software

If your site doesn’t integrate with your sales and marketing systems, it’s time to consider an upgrade.

A simple but effective redesign
for a better branding

Case Study

Branding is a key factor in the way you are perceived and has a direct impact, among other things, on customer confidence.

Consistency of Design
Modern Design
Site Purpose
Responsive Design
Responsive Design

Moving from an outdated WP theme to a responsive and modern design

Less than a few seconds to attract attention and foster further interest.

Website User eXperience

User eXperience

Website Performance


Website Branding


Take a strategic approach

Analyze and identify your priorities

In addition to the points set out above, it is important to be concrete.

Start with data - What do you know about your current trends in web traffic, conversion rates, bounce rates, time on page, and other metrics?

Define your goals - Identify the core objectives of your business. List your business objectives.

Actionable Insights - Can you actually do something to make your goal happen? Break down your business goals into measurable objectives.

Set up measurable actions - Call-to-action (CTA), landing pages, A/B Testing, evoke curiosity,…

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